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Why We Give

Organ transplant at Columbia University Medical Center not only saves patients' lives but fundamentally changes the lives of their families and loved ones. Read some of their inspiring stories to learn more.

Rick's Story

Rick is fully back to his life, both at home and at work. He has lived to see his children get married and the next generation get started. This was truly a second beginning – for the whole family.

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A New Life, a New Liver: My Three-Month Old Son's Recovery from Transplant Surgery

The number of liver transplants performed on children less than 1 year old is fewer than 100 per year. And yet, we’re lucky James is alive. We’re lucky we landed at a hospital like Columbia, which has one of the best success rates for liver transplants in the world. 

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The Segal Family Story

Our family has received a second chance at life thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Colombo and his team, and we are honored to pay this forward to future patients by supporting the transformative research pioneered by Dr. Colombo.

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Aiden's Story

Dr. Martinez was by our side from day one. She promised me Aiden would be okay, which I have never heard a doctor do before. But it wasn’t her promise that kept me at ease as much as her passion, knowledge, bedside manner, and caring personality. 

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