Faces of Transplant: Emi Subotovsky


Emi Subotovsky

Connection to transplant Forum: 

My grandson, Aiden Pryluck, had a liver transplant [at Columbia University Irving Medical Center].

Why I chose Columbia:

When my daughter and son-in-law found out that Aiden had a problem with his liver at 6 weeks of age, they asked my husband and me to go with them to their first appointment with the liver team at Columbia. Dr. Mercedes Martinez was so knowledgeable, she had the right answers and she instilled in us so much confidence on the outcome that we knew then that Aiden could not be in better hands.

How many years are you (or your family) post-transplant?:

Aiden is 2 years 9 months post-transplant.

What is your quality of life like now?

Aiden’s quality of life is like that of any healthy boy his age. As a matter of fact, we just came back from a family trip to South America where Aiden played on the beach and rolled under the waves as if nothing had ever happened to him. Dr. Martinez told us before the transplant that that would be the case.

Relationship to the transplant team:

They held our children’s hands during the entire process, they provided amazing support to our family and gave my husband and me guidance to help our children go through the surgeries and their path back to health. Dr. Martinez is one of the most caring physicians I have ever met and we are lucky now to call her “our friend".


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