Faces of Transplant: Gregory Coakley


Gregory Coakley


What is your connection to transplant?

On August 15th 2013 I received the Gift of Life; a double lung transplant.


Why did you choose to have your care at Columbia? 

Columbia University Medical Center is renowned for its world class medical teams.   Dr. Claire Keating from the Gunnar Esiason Adult CF Center had been following me for years.  When my health suffered a precipitous decline she referred me to meet the Columbia Lung Transplant Team.  I was reluctant to undergo transplant but when my wife and I met Dr. Selim Arcasoy (Medical Director of the Lung Transplant Program) and Dr Frank D’Ovidio (Surgical Director of the Lung Transplant Program) we knew instantly that Columbia was the only Center for us.


How many years are you post-transplant?

4 years-6 months-16 days


What is your quality of life like now?  

My post-transplant life is amazing.  The successful transplant of two lungs, donated by a selfless woman, has given me a second chance at life.  I don’t take a single breath for granted.  I returned to work and live a high octane, fulfilling and happy life with my wife and two children.  Life as I now know it is magical.


Tell us about your relationship with your transplant team.

The Columbia Lung Transplant Program is the best there is.  I have been blessed by their medical expertise and honored to get to know them personally.  The entire team is always a phone call or email away.  The Columbia Lung Transplant Team and Team Coakley share the strength of a unified family and stand united to raise the bar for post-transplant living.


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