Faces of Transplant: Lisa Coakley


Lisa Coakley

What is your connection to transplant?  

I am the wife of a double lung transplant recipient

Why did you choose to have your care at Columbia?  

Dr. Claire Keating from The Gunnar Esiason Adult Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Program referred us to the lung transplant team.  My husband was reluctant to undergo transplant and so we did a tremendous amount of research. We knew that Columbia had a great reputation and the best postoperative outcomes. When we met Dr. Selim Arcasoy (Medical Program Director of the Lung Transplant Program) and Dr. Frank D’Ovidio (Surgical Director of the Lung Transplant Program) we knew instantly that Columbia was the only center for us.

How many years are you post-transplant?

Greg is 4 1/2 years post transplant. He received the gift of life on August 15, 2013.

What is your quality of life like now?

The gift of life is amazing. We never take a moment for granted and we “live life without limits”.

Tell us about your relationship with your transplant team.

The Lung Transplant Team is amazing!! They are not just a team of medical professionals, they are our FAMILY. The entire team is accessible and approachable. Since transplant and our journey we have been able to join and be a part of so many wonderful groups within Columbia to give back and to be an advocate for families connected to transplant. For me, I love being able to give back and help. Columbia really cares about its patients and families.  


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