Faces of Transplant: Monica Segal


Monica Segal
What is your connection to transplant?

I am the wife of a heart transplant recipient.
Why did you choose to have your care at Columbia?

My husband was transferred to CUMC for care by our community hospital when he first went into heart failure. He was followed at CUMC for five years of care before he actually had the transplant.
How many years are you post-transplant?

Rick had his transplant 8 ½ years ago.
What is your quality of life like now?

Rick is fully back to his life, both at home and at work.  He has lived to see his children get married and the next generation get started. This was truly a second beginning – for the whole family.  Of course, we’re still getting older, and there are side effects from the experience and the medications, as well as continual oversight required – all a small price to pay for the incredible honor of bearing witness to medicine at its best, and getting a complete reboot on life.  We are also ever grateful to Rick’s donor and his family.
Tell us about your relationship with your transplant team.

The transplant team was 100% supportive of Rick and the entire family (for over 13 years now….).  Our cardiologist is available to us 24/7, wherever he is in the world – he literally never goes off the grid from his patients. The surgical team is the best of the best, and all the nurses and administrators work diligently to be caring, efficient, non-threatening and helpful.


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