The Segal Family Story

We support the research of my husband’s cardiologist Dr. Paolo Colombo and his team.  Dr. Colombo has been by our side since 2004 when he rescued our scared family in the CCU at CUMC when my husband was first diagnosed with familial cardiomyopathy.  Since that time, Rick has had a pacemaker, defibrillator, left ventricular assist device, external right ventricular assist device, and finally, in 2009, a heart transplant. Dr. Colombo has been a lifeline for us and for our four children, available day and night, 24/7, wherever he is in the world. He has guided us through our darkest days, always a gentleman and a friend, always a dedicated and superior clinician, always a brilliant and pioneering scientist.  There is no doubt in our minds that Rick is alive and thriving today entirely due to Dr. Colombo’s meticulous care through desperate times. Our family has received a second chance at life thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Colombo and his team, and we are honored to pay this forward to future patients by supporting the transformative research pioneered by Dr. Colombo. There is no more fundamental way that we can say thank you to him than to support his life’s work. One of the missions of the Transplant Forum is to showcase and raise needed funding for the important work of the CUMC transplant doctors/researchers, and we are delighted to play a role in this initiative.

Monica and Rick Segal