Organ-Specific Research

The Transplant Forum supports adult and pediatric transplant research in the areas of heart, kidney, pancreas, liver, lung, as well as in Columbia’s Center for Translational Immunology. Examples of ongoing research projects include:

  • A comprehensive biobank dedicated to transplantation tissue that is enhancing basic and clinical research on human immunity and disease
  • Research on the immune response to heart pumps implanted as a bridge to transplant
  • Development of a combined bone marrow and liver transplantation protocol to induce organ tolerance
  • An ex vivo lung perfusion (“lung in a box”) system that sustains donor lungs outside the body, allowing for the enhancement of organs otherwise not viable for transplant
  • Research on genome-based approaches to matching kidney transplant patients with donors, reducing the incidence of kidney rejection
  • New methods to induce organ tolerance using donor reactive T cells as a biomarker of transplant outcomes

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