Lung Transplant Program

In recent years, advances in surgery, anesthesia, and medical technology have led to improved outcomes for lung transplant patients. Nevertheless, some 20 percent of patients who need a lung transplant die while waiting for an available organ. Those who are fortunate enough to receive a transplant face a number of potentially life-threatening health risks, including immune rejection, infection, and other serious complications related to the immunosuppression drugs needed to tolerate a donor organ. Under the leadership of surgical director Frank D’Ovidio, MD, and medical director Selim Arcasoy, MD, Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC)’s Lung Transplant Program is leading research to expand our understanding of transplantation, with a goal of translating scientific discoveries into effective new therapies and improved clinical outcomes for patients.

Our research focuses on the challenges to sustaining a successful transplantation and good health for our patients, from the perspective of the organ donor and the recipient. To learn more about our ongoing research projects on the donor side and the recipient side, click below.